late night internet action results in less pennies in my bank account. I just won my first ever ebay item… introducing the neon chris kane for topshop dress that I've been coveting forEVER.


I brought the most Stella McCartney-esq gold metallic top from Zara at the weekend. I am gonna rock it tomorrow… pictures to come. (if i remember)

Straight Legged Pant

It's an odd season. I find myself infatuated by a pair of black straight leg trousers and converting every chunky knit I set my eyes on. This, is very unlike me. The most undesirable items seem to be my most desired.. my main prey.... Christopher Kane Wool Crepe straight Legged Pants I spotted in Colette a month ago and can't get them out of my head. I searched Zara on Saturday for the biggest thickest knits and some Kane-esq straight legged  pant...dull? but somehow all I want.

So here they are... perfect fit, thick and straight as a pin, with the most perfect seam running down the front. When did a pair black trousers get so exciting...



Get me back here now… almost two weeks ago.


Blake and Clemence look adorable here, posing for pics after the Chanel Resort Show.



The more pictures that get release for the Moss/Hince wedding the more we get a look in at the guests and days events. Again, with Testino's snaps I love the mood of the images they are a complete contrast to those by Terry Richardson that I posted before, but I think they are equally as cool. There seems to be a mix of natural and supermodel poses from Moss, which will surely make for the most incredible Wedding Album ever! See more @ http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/kate-moss-kiss-me-kate/#/magazine-gallery/kate-moss-wedding/1



Looking at the structurally sophisticated sister of the PS1, I seem to have suddenly been hit by the structural genius of the PS11. I am, well, a year and a half late since it's debut at Fall AW10 and have in fact been coveting it's sister the PS1 for quite some time, but now everything has change. I look at the PS1 and it looks sloppy,  lazy and well a little too grudge. The PS11 seems clean, sharp, simple and perfectly formed, it just feels right.
I have been on the search for the perfect clutch for some time now. So far Wang has been far far in lead, until now. Meet PS11 the Clutch, it embodies all the structural intelligence of the cross body with the chic-ness of being a clutch- the must have this season. I think I am in baglove.


Rodarte take two @ Opening Ceremony

Rodarte At Opening Ceremony Season II
The peekaboo shoulders, apron-like layers, engrossing prints and ghostly/Gothic references that we loved in past collections all appear. Some of the designs hew remarkably closely to their runway parents, except that with all that expensive embellishment pared away, they might be more wearable than the originals.