The next generation of fashion technology. Holograms walk with real like models, at Burberry Store Launch in Bejjing.


the streets have no limits

The style-blogger-turned-style-inspiration Garance Dore is best known for her simple French approach to fashion. Pretty girls in simple make-up and undone hair wearing accessible clothes are her subject, and she is their queen. But these images from a series she shot for Vogue Nippon emphasis her incredible talent. I think it is inspirational how a street style blogger slash Parisian style inspiration, can become a fashion photographer for the likes of Vogue. Obviously Garance is at the top of her game, but it does give hope to us mere fashion mortals.

are my shorts too short??

At the beginning of each new season evokes a change of wardrobe direction. This season for me is a whole new challenge, that challenge being summer work wear! The morning routine of dressing for the scorching hot city heat, the tube sweat and then a prim/cool office look has become a slight dilemma. Two issues’ I have already faced are… are my shorts too short?? And why am I the only one on this train dying from the heat, whilst wearing slim to nothing and all you dressed fully in black seem so chilled and comfortable? Both of which I am undecided of the answers. 

But praise the lord I have found the ultimate summer work wear solution…. SHORT SUITS! This look is all about colour coordinated jacket and scallop cut shorts, teamed with a flimsy lace trim camisole. See my favourite adaptation below…


dark white

i am so into white antique looking lace and dark red lips, right now. not so s/s but j'adore.



This is probably one of my least favourite times of year... after another failed Glastonbury ticket attempt yesterday, clicking through today's Coachella pictures while sitting in a dark office in London really rubs in the fact that I am not there and will not infact be attending many festival sites this summer. On the plus side I do take inspiration from these style shots as a bases for my own spring/summer wardrobe, see below for the looks I will be coveting this season.



Sand Storm

There is only one Bristish Vogue, I haven't loved Agness since the punk look. But this is incredible.


License to Print Money

NET-A-PORTER.COM, the world’s premier online luxury retailer, has announced the launch of Issa’s Colour Lace Capsule Collection in April 2011. The capsule collection is made up of the six dresses (you see above) massively homing in on two of summer's biggest trends, Colour and Lace. Following the attention that has been drawn on Issa London's last season after Princess Middleton wore that dress, the concept of teaming up with expert seller's Net is almost too simple. The dresses are gorgeous and I think the red strapless is my fav, but at just over a grand, I don't think I will be puchasing thsi time!


i want....

Maybe just the whole collection would be fine...