i have been having a bit of a style identity crisis recently, so I must revert back to basics.
kate your style is my savor . <3



my bff the features assistant on 'what elle wear' elle.co.uk… adorable winter style.



As of now I have been a slight print-phobic, there is literally no print in my wardrobe. I am simple minimal shapes in classic colours, not floral/ digital/ colourful mentalness. Until now. With the explosion of next season main trend PRINT onto the fashion scene my views have changed, quite drastically. Clashing, head-to-toe and metal prints feel so right and definitely something I would adapt into my style, for some reason the crazier the better? Why now? It's all about simple shapes with the right print, before now print for me seemed dated, but this is modern, fresh and excited. Designer's I'll be channelling; Pilotto, Givenchy, Katrantzou and Saunders. Bring on the madness...


where the magic's at...

I am obsessed with backspace footage, these photo's from the Acne SS12 show are beautiful, I love the way they capture the models personality as well as the amazing show looks. 


Dream Dior

if only life was alway this beautiful...



It's hard not to recognise where Mango have found inspiration for their SS12 collection. The lookbook even features Anna Selezneva (also the face of Isabel Marant). Major fashion copycat's but absolute money saver for us! Now I can't wait to fill my wardrobe with some Marant inspired gear!


a little french

I have just got back from holiday and picked up French Vogue at the airport, I though it was an incredible issue and managed to convince the boyfriend to translate it for me, so was actually able to read it! The editorial above photographed by Mert and Marcus and styled by Emmanuelle Alt I am in love with, the last image I plan to blow up and frame. Pure Art.


Heaven is a place on earth wit' you

Lana Del Rey: My new girl crush and total music obsession, the utterly captivating online phenomenon possesses one of the most beautifully haunting voices I have heard for some time. Her single 'Video Games' was the soundtrack to Christopher Kane's SS12 show and was soon dubbed the tune of LFW.




I love this emerging 'Cut Out' trend that has been hovering for the last few seasons, it so fun and young and if cut correctly can be extremely flattering. 




Boy of Desire

How Chanel can create a bag that is so authentically new and controversial to what we know as Chanel, but manages to retain even more of the Chanel DNA is beyond me. The new Boy Chanel is their latest, an androgynous shaped, no frills, tough hardware piece that for me is more me than I could have known. Inspired by Boy Capel, the great love of Coco's life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.

The design was influenced by the cartridge bag that was originally made for hunters and was carried by Madame Chanel herself, the Boy comes in three varying sizes and in practical, no-nonsense shades of red, black, grey, green and ivory.

I have already started the leg work on the boy, hopefully just in time for Christmas. In my dreams I think!